Client Comments

The following are anonymous comments from Questionnaires over the Years:


I have benefited from yoga in all ways. Physically, I’m stronger; mentally I can concentrate 10x better. Also emotionally stronger. Oh yes, my weight has stabilized. Thanks!

I noticed that my breathing was deeper during my last recording session. The breathing exercises reminded me to concentrate on that aspect of vocalization.

I am more relaxed, quieter within.

I’m amazed at the improvement I have seen in my arm/shoulder/neck discomfort and my flexibility.

I like that I don’t feel pressured into doing things that are too difficult for me.

I LOVE YOGA! Physically – I can now touch my toes!!! Emotionally I’m more centred. Spiritually – I feel these classes are helping me to become a better person.

I now have less neck pain. Yoga has helped get rid of my headaches.

Studying yoga for the first time, the breathing exercises have been wonderful for my asthma.

Julie is an excellent teacher. She explains postures well, helps individuals and has a great sense of humour.

I feel better about myself. I have more energy after class.

As always, I enjoy this class so much. Thank you, Julie. Keep us moving and growing!

I have a stronger back and less back pain.

Yoga makes me aware of my breathing throughout the day.

Physically yoga has improved my posture or at least posture awareness. Mentally, it has helped in letting go of negativity.

I look forward to yoga class each week. I suffer from arthritis in my right hip and shoulder joints and have found yoga has increased my range of movement and my joints are less painful.

I think the practice has made me calmer and more peaceful.

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