Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

All Levels Mat Yoga Classes

This Kripalu class is 90 minutes & includes a centering, pranayama (breathing exercises), thorough warm-ups to prevent injury, sometimes a slow sun salute followed by yoga postures which may be seated, standing, kneeling, lying or any or all of the above. We finish with a 10 to 15-minute deep relaxation. Often there is a spiritual reading as well.

Chair Yoga for Challenged Bodies

This Kripalu class is 90 minutes and uses a chair for support. The format is similar to a regular class (see above) but is much gentler, and slower paced and perhaps includes hand weights to maintain bone density, finger movements to help arthritis in the hands and meditation instruction. Most of the class is done seated on a chair except for a few standing poses with support of the chair.


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga class is 75 to 90 minutes.  Yin yoga is a slow steady long holding of mostly seated or lying yoga postures accompanied by long slow deep breaths. This applies moderate stress to the connective tissues – the tendons, ligaments, joint capsule and fascia – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin yoga poses are also designed to improve the flow of chi, the subtle energy which according to Chinese medicine runs through many meridian pathways of the body. Improved flow of chi is hypothesized to improve organ health, immunity and emotional well-being.


Power Flow Yoga

This 70-minute class is very athletic. It starts with Ashtanga’s Sun Salute A & B for warm-ups then moves into moderate length holding of standing yoga poses with a vinyasa of plank-chatturanga-up dog-down dog throughout. Some seated and lying postures are offered as a cool-down with a final 10-minute relaxation. All students work at their own pace and modifications are offered to make poses easier or more challenging. This class will build both strength and flexibility of body and equanimity of mind. Ideally, Ujiya ocean breathing is done throughout the flow.