Yoga Dance Fitness

Yoga Dance Fitness

“Sweat Your Prayers”

Yoga Dance Fitness is a fun and easy exercise thatʼs suitable for all ages.  It starts out slowly with some gentle stretches or movements, builds in intensity where people move around the room and may interact with each other. Then it slows back down to a short lying relaxation with deep breaths at the end.

Yoga Dance Fitness builds skills in stretching, strengthening, relaxation and breathing. It helps people to learn to do their own thing and become comfortable in their bodies. Itʼs about surrendering to the flow of the music and “moving from the inside out.”

Yoga Dance Fitness helps build community as strangers or long time acquaintances meet & greet and get to know one another. “The friends that sweat together stick together.”


chakras-1Yoga Dance Fitness is based on the Chakra system, the 7 energy centres located in the torso and head.  Chakra One, at the pelvic floor is about grounding, feeling secure and connected to Mother Earth. Chakra Two in the lower belly is about fluidity, working with change and moving the hips. Chakra Three is based in the solar plexus, lower ribcage area. This is about our personal power, inner strength and courage. Chakra Four the heart centre and concerns relationships, love and interacting with others. Chakra Five is in the throat and is about communication, speaking our truth, and being clear. Chakra Six is the “3rd eye” point between the eyebrows. It is about intuition and seeing more deeply, beyond the surface appearance. Chakra Seven is the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. This is concerning our relationship to God, Great Spirit, a Higher Force.

For Chakra One (Muladhara), we usually start with gentle yoga warm-ups, lying, seated or standing. For Chakra Two (Swadisthana) , we get the hips moving. Chakra Three (Manipura) gets loud and fun with large movements and interactions between people. Chakra Four (Anahata) is the element of air, so we often use a scarf to flutter around the room. Chakra Five (Vishuddha) is again interactive and loud and playful. Chakra Six (Ajna) is a cool-down, with either yoga stretches or a dance-prayer. Chakra Seven (Sahasrara) is relaxation.

Participant Comments:
“loved the variety of age attendees”  “welcoming atmosphere”  “thank you for offering it free”“good warm-up, workout, and cool-down”  “great music and people” “good sweat”  “loved the freestyle element”  “music selection was excellent and uplifting” “liked the scarves” “loved the dance prayer”  “i love to sweat in an easy, fun way!”