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Join Anytime ~ Beginners Always Welcome!

Learn to: Breathe • Relax • Stretch • Strengthen • Meditate

Summer Session is over. 10-Week Fall Session starts Sep. 30th for $110
(2nd class per week is half price).




Granville Ferry Hall
5352 Granville Road, Granville Ferry, NS


10-Week Fall Session starts Sep 30th
Mondays 5:30-7:00pm: Mostly Yin Yoga
Wednesdays 10:00-11:30am: Hatha Slow Flow
Fridays 10:00-11:30am: Chair Yoga

Directions: If coming from Annapolis Royal, cross the causeway and turn left as if going to Port Royal. If coming from Bridgetown on Hwy #1, turn right before the causeway as if going to Habitation in Port Royal. Go about 1 km and there is a large white building on the left, just after a curve. Please park in the back. If you exit the village and are back into farmland, you missed it! Please enter by back door.

Oakdene Centre
1913 Clementsvale Road, Bear River, NS


10-Week Fall Session starts Oct. 3rd
Thursdays 9:00am-10:30am: Hatha Slow Flow
Thursdays 10:30-11:00am: Chair Yoga (by donation)

Directions: Oakdene Centre is right in the village of Bear River. If you can find your way to the post office and Bear River grocery, you would cross the bridge from there, going East, passing Sissiboo Coffee and the Legion and go part way up the hill about 200 yards and the big old school is on the left. Classes are usually in the gym upstairs.

Fundy YMCA
1043 Highway #1 Cornwallis, NS


Fall Session starts mid-Oct.
Date & Type of Yoga to be announced

Must pre-register with the YMCA 902-638-9622; free for members; $75 for non-members. Participants must bring 3 blankets and a light scarf. Classes at YMCA are only in fall & winter.

Directions: From Annapolis Royal, take Highway #1 westbound to Cornwallis and turn right into the mall with Foodland sign. From Digby, take Highway #1 eastbound and turn left into the mall. The YMCA is on the lower level so go through the mall and take stairs or elevator down. Classes are held in the green studio.



Yoga sessions are 8, 10 or 12 weeks long. You can join a session at any time. If you join a second class per week, it is half price to encourage your commitment and regularity of practice.

  • Drop-In: $15 

  • Single Class per Week (Full 8-Week Session): $88

  • Two Classes per Week (Full 8-Week Session): $132

  • Single Class per Week (Full 10-Week Session): $110

  • Two Classes per Week (Full 10-Week Session): $165

  • Single Class per Week (Full 12-Week Session): $132

  • Two Classes per Week (Full 12-Week Session): $198

If you come once a week, it works out to $11 per class when you pay up front. If you come twice it works out to $8.25 per class, so commitment to your yoga practice gets you a discount. Julie accepts cash, cheque or e-transfer.


Class Etiquette

  • Avoid wearing scented products (perfume, shampoo, lotion, deodorant etc) as some folks may be sensitive or allergic.

  • Please be 5 to 15 minutes early to change, use the bathroom and settle in.

  • If you are new to these classes, please be at least 15 minutes early to fill out the intake form.

  • Please turn off cell phones, pagers and beeping watches before class.

  • Classes are 1 1/2 hours long. If you need to leave early, please inform the instructor beforehand.

  • Please let the instructor know if you have any medical conditions, have had recent surgery or are pregnant.

  • Near the entrance is a cupboard or table with yoga straps, blocks, cushions and eye pillows. Please pick up one of each. Afterwards return items neatly folded.

  • Generally classes are done in silence, but feel free to ask questions any time.

  • Constructive feedback after class is always welcome.

  • Yoga should be done on an empty stomach.

  • It is advisable for jewelry to be removed for yoga.

  • Snoring during relaxation can be disruptive to others. If you are a snorer, please try another position (lying on your side or seated in meditation.)

  • If your medical condition changes (e.g. you become pregnant or receive a new diagnosis), please let the instructor know as some poses may be contra-indicated for your situation and others may be helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do I bring to class?

Please bring a water bottle, blanket (for relaxation), and yoga mat. There are a few spare yoga mats available until you can purchase your own. There are blocks, straps and a few bolsters at the hall but you are encouraged to bring your own props.

Q2. What do I wear to class?

I recommend that you wear loose clothes or tights that enable you to move freely. Wear layers to regulate warmth/coolness. 

Q3. How do I register for a class?

To register for a class, please e-mail Julie directly at or call her at 902-467-3151. Please be sure to indicate which class time(s) you would like. Please bring payment to first class or e-transfer fee.

Q4. Are drop-ins permitted?

Yes. Drop-ins are welcome, space permitting. It’s $15 cash or cheque to drop in.

Q5. I can't afford to pay for a session but I'd really like to attend. Are trades/exchanges permitted?

If finances are a concern a bartering arrangement is possible, space permitting. Julie has traded classes for sewing, wood chopping & splitting, pruning, handmade baskets, baked goods, graphic design, web help, massage, pottery, tiles, carpentry, gardening, scallops and organic produce. She is very open to trades.

Q6. Are children allowed to attend? 

Yes. Dependent children accompanied by an adult can attend at half-price.  Children coming on their own pay full price.

Q7. Can I make up a missed class?

If you miss a class, you are welcome to make up the class by coming to another time slot at any level or location within that session (except at Fundy YMCA). Make-up classes do not carry over to the next session except by special arrangement with the instructor (for example, a long illness or family emergency). You can also bring a friend to any class within that session as your make-up. 

Q8. Do I get a refund if I miss a class?

No refunds are given for missed classes, but they can be transferred to another person within that session.