Meet Julie

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Julie’s Background

Julie remembers doing yoga as a child with her mom in the late 60’s, long before yoga was the “in-thing”.  At age 28, she re-discovered yoga and became a regular student, in both Kripalu (gentle) and Sivanada (more vigorous) then Bikrams (most energetic) styles of yoga. Within three years she was trained as a teacher at the Kripalu Center near Stockbridge, Massachusetts, for the 200-hour basic certification (1994). A year later she took the 200-hour bodywork training (massage) and began doing both massage in her home office and teaching yoga at various yoga studios, gyms and private clubs in Toronto. She moved to rural Nova Scotia in 1998, and has led weekly yoga classes and various workshops in Annapolis Royal, Bear River, Cornwallis, Digby, and Bridgetown. Julie offers classes in yin yoga, hatha flow yoga, chair yoga and restorative yoga. She has also led power yoga.

Julie loves the way yoga connects her to her higher self and to others, raising compassion & awareness and creating a sense of spiritual community amongst the group. Julie practices yoga every day and deepened her understanding with a yoga study trip to India in 2010.

Since 2009, Julie has offered an annual Chair Yoga Teacher Training weekend to teach yoga teachers, fitness instructors and health practitioners to lead Chair Yoga for Challenged Bodies. Semi-annually she offers a weekend yoga retreat at Mersey River Chalets near Kejimikujik National Park in Nova Scotia.  Julie has trained five groups to become 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teachers.

As a volunteer, Julie offers restorative yoga during fall and winter at her local YMCA. Julie has a Bachelors (U of Waterloo 1987) and Masters degree (York University, Toronto, 1993) in Environmental Studies.


Julie’s Training

Yoga is both Julie’s work and her spiritual path.  As such, she has deepened her practice and honed her professional skills with regular ongoing training including:

  • 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teachers Training (1994)

  • 200-hour Kripalu Bodywork Training (massage) (1995)

  • two 10-day Vipassana Meditation Courses (1994 & 96)

  • 100-hour Anatomy & Physiology (2000)

  • 20-hour Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association Conference (2002)

  • 500-hour professional level Kripalu Yoga Certification (2004)

  • 5-days at Dharma Gaia Meditation Centre in New Zealand (2005)

  • 5-day Thich Nhat Hanh Workshop (2005)

  • 136-hour Kripalu Danskinetics Instructor Training (now called Yoga Dance) (2006)

  • 12-hour Chair Yoga for Seniors with Jean Short (2006)

  • 16-hour Teaching Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga with Maxine Munro (2007)

  • 25-hour Teaching Chair Yoga with Lakshmi Voelker (2008)

  • 5-day Anusura & Restorative Retreat with Cheendana Laurie Ann Martin (2009)

  • 15-hour Yoga for Better Bones with Jayelle Lindsay (2009)

  • one month Yoga & Ayurveda Study Tour in India with Kerry Lawson (2010)

  • 40-hours at Yoga Camp, Birchdale Lake with “Yogiji” Yogi Yogendra (2010)

  • 30-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky (2010)

  • five 10-hour Iyengar workshops with Father Joe (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014)

  • one nine-hour Iyengar workshop with Marlene Mawhinney (2012)

  • 7-day retreat with Kerry Lawson, Kabir Raj Rana & Supriya Daas (2013)

  • 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark (2014)

  • 50-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen (2016)

Julie has also practiced Ashtanga, Yee Yoga, Shiva Rea’s flow yoga & Yin Yoga.  She has taken (and offered) many other workshops in diverse areas such as Chair Yoga Teachers Training, Exploring your Life’s Mission, The Artist’s Way, The Chakras, Energy Balancing, Starting & Maintaining a Home Practice, Backbends & Inversions, Forward Bends & Twists, Opening the Hips & Shoulders, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Yoga Posture Clinic and Yoga-Dance.

Julie is a member of Yoga Alliance and is E-RYT 500 hour ( Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hour Certification) and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider).


Julie’s Interests & Volunteer Work

Julie is an avid birder and in 2010 completed a five-year volunteer effort for the Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas.  She enjoys outdoor activities: gardening, cycling, walks, cross-country skiing and living way out in the woods with her husband.  She cycled for the MS Tour to raise funds for MS research for several years. She helped organize the Bear River Winter Carnival for some years.  She participates every year in BirdFeeder Watch and the Breeding Bird Study.  She volunteers leading yoga classes at the local YMCA.


In Gratitude

Julie would like to thank the Yoga community in Annapolis Royal, Bear River, Cornwallis, Digby and Bridgetown for their dedication and commitment over the years and their support, willingness and kindness. Yoga in this area has been a co-creation between students and teacher, with excellent questions on both sides. A testament to the old saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” And the converse is also true “When the teacher is ready, the students appear!” THANK YOU!!

Thank you to my former students, now colleagues, Shelley Murchison, Andrea Wegerer, Velma Richmond, Melissa Welch/Merritt, Amanda Cox, Melissa Keddie, Nicole Oliver, & Janice MacDonald and to colleagues Ela Bielski, Amy Rubin, Lauren Soloy, Chris Wright, Coryna Blasko, Amanda Peck, & Jill Balser for mutual support and substitute teaching.

A special shout-out to Andrea Wegerer and Janice MacDonald for co-leading many many yoga retreats at Mersey River Chalets for hosting these events at this very special location.

Julie wishes to acknowledge the many mentors and teachers she has had over the years on the yoga path, including those at the former Toronto Kripalu Yoga Centre: Barb Yealland, Jayelle Lindsay, Chitrakala, and Kevin Shortt. Also thanks to Sasha at the Bikrams Studio in Toronto.

Heartfelt warmth to those at the Kripalu Centre in Lenox who have instructed, supported and/or befriended Julie over the years: Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, Tom Gillette, Jivan Bob Wagester (massage), Peggy Scheldahl (massage & yoga-dance), Sudhakar Ken McCrae, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Vivekenand Richard Michaels, Evelyn Gonzales, Grace Jull, Jayraj Randal Williams, Tarika Diana Damelio, Megha Nancy Buttenheim (yoga-dance), Lakshmi Voelker-Binder (chair yoga), Jillian Pransky (restorative yoga) and Vandita Kate Marchesiello.  And more recently Bernie Clark & Diana Batts at Semperviva Studio in Vancouver for an excellent yin yoga teachers training.

From videos I have learned much from Rodney Yee, Bryan Kest, Erich Schiffmann and Shiva Rea. All wonderful teachers in very different ways.

And gratitude to my teacher colleagues here in Nova Scotia: Silver Frith, Jody Myers, Isha Anne Marie Ward, Jean Short, Cheendana Lorie-Ann Martin, Kerry Lawson, Yvonne Macor (Ayurveda), Linda Wallace, Chris Curry, Mike and Maxine Munroe, Amanda Peck and Jennifer Moore from whom I have learned much in workshops and classes.

In India, I learned much from Gopala Krishna, Kerry Lawson, Kabir Raj Rana and Yogi Yogendra (Yogiji) from Rishikesh and teachers at Mysore Ashtanga Shala.

Last but never least, the many folks who’ve helped with websites and technology over the years in chronological order: David Walton, Andrew Riddles, Simone Wilson, Tim Wilson, the Fowler Family, Gerry Curry, André Bouchard and Stella Habib.