Yoga Classes

“Julie makes sure we move every muscle in our body. Nothing else does this for me. The class sets me up for the day and is good for my arthritis.”

“I’ve been coming for years, I’m 71, and hate to think what my body would be like without these classes. I feel great!”

“The very clear step-by-step instructions; the evident commitment Julie has to yoga; the friendships and fun of the classes that Julie fosters.”

“The yoga classes help to keep me flexible. I have been doing yoga for many years and chair yoga has allowed me to continue despite knee problems.”

“I absolutely love leaving behind any troubles and concerns and giving myself freely to Julie’s wonderful stream of flow yoga.”

“I love the readings - I always learn a lot. Great feeling to stretch. Good to be doing self-care. I love the music.”

“I look forward to the class each week, I like the challenges involved in the stretches and how calm and relaxed I am the rest of the day. Having a class allows some social interaction, enjoying the community.”

“I love that you work all of the body, breath and mind as well.”

“I like the gentle pace, the quotes, the music, the well-organized class, supply of assistive equipment, frequent teacher upgrading that exposes us to state-of-the-art yoga.” 

“Instructor is very flexible - gives lots of options - different ways of doing each pose. I never feel forced or unable to keep up.”

“Since 1998, Julie has been part of our lives as teacher, inspiration and friend.”

“I love coming to yin yoga class. It feels like the perfect balance to the rest of my busy life. Deep relaxation for my body, calming for my mind.”

“The physical assists (hands on) by instructor is helpful.”

“These classes have had a great social impact on the community in that many of us have become good friends and neighbours.”

“I love having yoga available locally and year round. I like that we have some variety from class to class, and access to yin as well as flow yoga. I like the 90-minute class which allows more time for a yoga routine and proper relaxation.”

“Thank you for keeping me as mobile as possible and for always striking a balance between comfort and discovery.”

“Positive spirit emanating from Julie and spreading throughout the group. Very clear directions given for each pose. Variations in poses offered to fit each student’s level and need.”

“I always come away from classes more centered, more focused, and more integrated.”

“I like that you keep things “light”, not too serious.”

“I like the guidance to adapt poses to the student’s level.”

“Your personality is approachable and supportive.”

“I like the breathing exercises and the relaxation which help to calm me and centre my day.”

“I love the welcoming atmosphere, the exploration & explanation (philosophies) of other yoga styles.”

“Masterful delivery of instruction. Emphasis on individual body awareness and acceptance.”

“Julie has made me realize anyone can do yoga!”

Yoga Retreats

“Wonderful retreat from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing your amazing gifts with us.”

“Thank you for your dedication and leading in such a loving manner.”

“These retreats are always very emotional, affirming and healing.”

“The 7 am yoga was a very gentle and soothing way to begin the day.”

“This weekend retreat has been the most amazing experience for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“The co-listening was a deep & personal sharing, most wonderful.”

“The walking meditation on five elements shows how great Mother Nature heals the spirit.”

“It’s great that the retreat chef makes such an effort to be organic, local, gluten free. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, professional, accommodating, informative.”

“This retreat was a wonderful way to make connections with myself, the group and with nature.”

“I am amazed at those parts of my body that I ignored and can now move and be aware of!”

Teacher Trainings

“I loved the input from other students and creating a pose together in pairs.”

“The pace of training was just right.”

“Julie’s personal experience and expertise was most helpful.”

“The trainer was excellent. I will refer to the manual a lot - great information!”

“I always enjoy the reminder that I need to do Shavasana (deep relaxation) more.”

“The manual was easy to read, complete & inclusive.”

“Julie’s relaxed style of teaching, keeping us on track, her personal yoga style and wealth of knowledge, the group sharing and interaction was all great.”

“I loved everything, in particular - sequences of poses, hand mudras, self-massage, and practice teaching.”

“I liked the start of each morning with a class then teaching to break down the poses. Strong foundational principles.”

“I liked it all. The group was great and Julie was so welcoming and adaptable.”

“I loved the really relaxed energy of the class and the teacher. Much love was shared by all!”

“Good flow, nice mixture of yoga practice with theory. Lots of opportunity to share ideas.”

“Liked getting to meet others with similar interests; talking and growing in knowledge in mind and body.”

“I liked how the group was effectively brought back together with just a little ‘ding’.”


How have Julie’s offerings helped you?